What Makeup Can You Take On a Plane?

Makeup on plane

Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup in your daily lifestyle, you will certainly want to look your best and follow fashion trends when traveling or heading for vacation. In fact, you will feel the temptation to pack as many makeup products into your baggage as you can simply because you are going for a holiday. If you are planning to click tons of family photos and selfies, being makeup-ready plays a key role.

When flying, you will need to adhere to a set of rules and guidelines as to what and how much stuff you can take in your carry-on luggage. That is why you should remain fully aware of what makeup you can carry on a plane. Travelers seem to be confused in this regard because they don’t know the flying rules and the restrictions on carrying certain makeup items and products. This will help you avoid a security meltdown so that you can enjoy every moment of your travel.

Carrying Liquid Makeup on a Plane

Everyone knows that there is a huge variety of makeup products available out there. It can be either in liquid form, powder form, or wax-like. The rules for different products vary based on their type.

Makeup products such as eyeliner, foundation, and nail polish fall into the liquid makeup category. Likewise, other beauty supplies are non-liquid. When you are flying and want to carry your makeup products, you must know what to pack and what not to pack to avoid any kind of hassle.

TSA has put some restrictions on how much liquid makeup a passenger can take in a carry-on. As per the 3-1-1 flight rule, each passenger is allowed to take liquids and gels in travel-size containers weighing 3.4 ounces. So, if you want to take items such as mascara, lip gloss, or other gel-like products, you will need to follow the same rule.

While you are allowed to carry liquid makeup items in quart-size plastic bags, you stay informed that one passenger can carry just one quart-size bag with them. All you need to know is what makeup items are considered liquid. You should feel free to gather more details at the airport itself.

Taking Powder Makeup on Board

Taking powder makeup on a plane is not prohibited. However, you should follow the new TSA powder rule. As per the change in rules, powder-like substances weighing more than 12 ounces (350 ml) could be subject to screening procedures. However, it is nothing to worry about actually. If you are clean and not carrying anything illegal, you should be completely fine.

Many airlines have strict restrictions on the carriage of powder-like substances. If your powder makeup products weigh more than 12 ounces, the airport authorities will not allow them in carry-on bags.

So, you should decide in light of these TSA rules and guidelines. Before you pack powder makeup in your hand luggage, you should know exactly how much they weigh. If the weight is less than or equal to 12 ounces, you should try to put them in separate containers. Usually, if you adhere to the carry-on rules, you will have no issues with your powder makeup products.

Bringing Perfume on a Plane

Yes, you can take perfume on a plane. But you should follow the same rule as you follow with liquid makeup. Perfume falls into the liquid makeup category, and so the amount you can carry in hand luggage is 3.4 ounces.

Make sure your perfume bottle is small enough to weigh no more than 3.4 ounces in any case. If your bottle is any bigger than this, the security personnel will confiscate it at the airport. In the market, you can find travel-size perfumes. If you find it difficult to find the right bottle size, it is even better to go for a solid perfume stick. This is a great idea to carry perfume while on a plane.

When you are on a plane, you should also be considerate with the use of perfume. If you wear a strong perfume, you can irritate other passengers on board. Just imagine if a person is allergic and you are sitting beside him or her wearing a strong perfume for hours. If you want to wear perfume onboard, use only a small amount of perfume. Better still, avoid wearing perfume on a plane altogether. Once you arrive at the destination, do as you want.

You are allowed to take liquid makeup and powder makeup products on a plane. It is only that you should remain up-to-date with the new TSA rules. If you are not carrying even an ounce more than what is allowed, you should be fine. However, always be open to screening, in case you are asked to spend a few minutes at the security checkpoint. It is a good idea to check out the website of the airline through which you are flying to collect accurate information.

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