Makeup is an Art

Make up is an art by Monique Meads

Any art form is a medium through which an artist expresses himself or herself in an imaginative or creative way.

So, is makeup an art form?

Well, I always look at and wear makeup as a form of art. Symmetry, blending, and contour are as integral to makeup as they are to a host of other art forms, aren’t they? If drawing and painting can be art forms, makeup can be too. After all, a lot of creativity and imagination are involved in makeup artistry and fashion trend. Makeup artists use a variety of tools, just like other artists, to combine colors in a way that enhances the features of a person to look his or her best.

You must have seen how skillfully a makeup artist uses makeup brushes, blends colors, and balances out uneven skin tones. This is something that requires mastery of skills and experience.

Creativity is Built into the Job of a Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry thrives on creativity. The makeup artist has to constantly think about and come up with new ideas.

make up art

A makeup artist has to stay on top of so many things to develop unique ideas or add a new spin to what already exists. The artist has to keep a close watch on the seasonal trends to keep their clients happy. No matter how skilled a makeup artist is, he or she will not grow without trying new and unique things. They need to see what others cannot. Whether it is eye makeup, party makeup, or bridal makeup, demands keep changing constantly. If the makeup artist does not use creative skills, he or she will not be able to stay in business.

It is through their creative skills that the makeup artist develops the ability to grasp various colors and shapes to offer the best solution to the client. It is creativity that enables them to keep pace with the evolving needs of every client. Through creativity, makeup artists master their art.

Have You Seen Face Paintings?

Have you ever noticed how meticulously a face painting is crafted? If you have been to theatres or thematic events, you must have seen the incredible face paintings that are created by makeup artists.

A lot of skill and effort goes into the creation of these face paintings. Most of all, it is the creativity that is reflected so well in these paintings. Makeup artists spend hours on end to finetune every detail and turn the face painting into a form of art, which is really and truly is. Skin rupture, two-face illusion, and pop art effect are all fantastic examples of face paintings or face art. Similar to other art forms, the creation of face art involves a lot of passion, imagination, and creativity.

Next time you go to attend a thematic event or watch the shoot of a music video, give some serious attention to the face art. You’ll certainly understand how face art is creatively used to evoke emotion.

The Face is the Canvas of the Makeup ArtistThe Face is the Canvas of the Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is a medium through which the artist captures the vision of a person and presents it to the fashion trend world. Everyone can develop the abilities, talents, and skills to become an artist in this domain.

Just like a painter goes to buy their art supplies, the makeup artist gathers all the supplies that he or she needs. The makeup artist buys a range of beauty products and brushes from the makeup shop. He or she uses the brush to create a perfect blend of the foundation and the concealer – in the same way as any other artist does. Here, the medium they use is makeup.

The only difference between a makeup artist and other artists is that the former uses the face as his or her canvas.

Makeup is an Art Form Which Deserves Respect

People appreciate self-expression through art. This is simply because every artist and every piece of art has a story to tell. And humans can’t live without stories. No matter what category of art form it is, people marvel at the creativity, passion, and imagination that runs through it.

Since art is subjective in nature, it appeals to different people in different ways. Based on individual tastes and preferences, different people see different things in one piece of art. It is the element of design and the mastery of the artists and fashion trends in a woman’s lifestyle which makes a piece of art or the work of an artist unique. What is important is the fact that all forms of art deserve respect, and makeup does too.

Make up by Monique meads

It is gross and unfair to degrade any art form. Since makeup is an art as well, it should not be belittled in any way. Just because it is a feminine craft, it doesn’t mean it should be devalued. There are instances where society turns to the belittling of many art forms, be it theatres, films, or literature. However, it is a good thing that people of modern times are becoming more open-minded and accepting the skillfulness and mastery of artists and fashion trends in different fields. Makeup is an art and it deserves the respect and recognition of people at large.

I strongly hold the opinion that the scope of makeup artistry will widen over time and it will soon gain all the appreciation it rightfully deserves. Till then, you keep wearing and enjoying the makeup you love!

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