How Can I Find My Style?

How Can I Find My Style

For everyone who aspires to attract attention, fashion style offers a powerful means to quickly stand out. It is only that you need to break out of the fashion rut you’re stuck into and find your own personal style.

Being a social media influencer, I sincerely value how style can help you express yourself in a manner, which is both impressive and long-lasting. Before someone even starts to utter a word, their style has already communicated who they are and what they stand for. Style is a voice that doesn’t require words to make itself heard. If you haven’t found a style of your own yet, you should begin the process right away. It may take some time before you finally find a style you can call your own. But developing your own unique look will certainly pay great dividends.

As an Instagram influencer, let me share with you a couple of tips on fashion, stylish clothes, and women’s clothing in particular so that you can find it easy to understand what style truly means and then develop your own unique style.

Find Your Favorite Style Icon

Your journey to developing your style begins with finding those persons whose style inspires you. If you plan to find out what you want to be, your first step is to know what specific styles you like most. Don’t think that you have to like just one person. In fact, you may like several people at a time, and that is fine. Liking a couple of styles and knowing what you want to be are two different things. So, give yourself the freedom to like the styles of more than one person.

Magazines with celebrity covers

To find your style icons, you can start perusing:

  • Film actors
  • Sports personalities
  • Models
  • Instagram influencers
  • Artists

You can derive inspiration from the fashion and style of anyone who is well-known and who you admire. Initially, you may find yourself liking many celebrities or famous people at a time. But you can always narrow down the list and then go on to select one who you can actually relate to.

Identify What Works for Your Body

It is not possible to develop a unique and fitting style of your own unless you know what type of body you have.

There are both horizontal and vertical body types. Horizontally, you may have body types such as Pear, Apple, Rectangle, etc. Vertical body types include Short Legs, Long Legs, Short Torso, Long Torso, Balanced Body, etc. There are some guidelines using which you can find out your body type.

As an Instagram influencer, I know that to find out what type of stylish outfits and clothing will work for your body, you will first need to identify your body type.

Understand Your PersonalityWoman looking into a mirror contemplating about her personality

In addition to identifying your body type, you should also find out what exactly describes your personality. This is important because the style you develop should also relate to the type of personality you are.

Any style that doesn’t reflect or relate to your personality is not the right style for you. So, understand what defines your personality. It can be as simple as picking just a couple of words that describe who you are or who you want to be. You can also take a style personality quiz for help.

Select the Colors That Inspire You

As an Instagram influencer, I know that when it comes to fashion and style, colors have to play a crucial role. Color is the first thing that attracts people’s attention.

Colors give your outfits an attractive visual appeal. Colors have a psychological impact on the minds of people. If you plan to add more effectiveness to your style, you should never ignore the power of colors. Find out what colors inspire you most. Understand how colors affect your mood. You can either add color to your dress or simply have an accessory, which is brightly colored.

Put the Ideas into Practice

Once you have one or more style icons to follow and know what you like and who you want to be, ideas will start coming.

A closet full of stylish clothes

So, it is finally time to put the outfit ideas into action. Build a wardrobe that is in line with your style preferences. Create your own versions of stylish clothing, dresses, and outfits – without directly copying anyone. Remember, you don’t have to come around as a copycat. Instead, you need to develop a different style, which is attractive and unique. A style that is entirely your own. Don’t forget to follow the latest fashion trends, but only if they are a good fit for your body type.

Are You Ready?

If you understand who you are and what you want to say or portray, you will be able to find your own style. Whether you want to appear friendly, interesting, or confident and bold, you can express it through your style. If you are looking for more fashion tips and outfit ideas, feel free to reach out to me.

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