How can I be stylish?

When we have so many decisions to make in a day, wondering if we look stylish and nice shouldn’t be one of them. You shouldn’t have to think about dressing well; it should just be your default. It’s about how to dress well without much effort every day. As an Instagram influencer, I’m frequently asked about my style.

Dressing up in the morning should be fun and energizing. By doing so, you set the tone for your whole day. Isn’t that what you want?

Having a great outfit makes you feel beautiful and confident and gives you that extra pep in your step. When you look in the mirror, your smile tells you that you are ready to take on the day!

You’ve been on the other side of this before. It happens to everyone. When you’re running late, you leave home with any outfit you are unsure about, frantically pulling out different pieces from your closet and nothing looks good together. Your day starts off frazzled and uncertain, and you are less confident and happier.

We all know how important it is to achieve an everyday style you love, and as a social media influencer, I’ve been asked about this a lot. So let’s dive into some tips on how you can look and feel better when you step out the door every day to face the world!

A bad outfit can ruin a fantastic day. It lowers our spirits and decreases our self-confidence. There are better days and worse days, but that’s no reason to wear a horrible outfit.

The following tips come from my personal style and will show you how to look better and feel stylish every time you step out the door.

Wear clothing that fits your body

Clothing that perfectly fits your figure can be tricky to find off the rack, but it’s an essential element of chic. Know what works for your body. In addition, know-how garments should fit – for instance, that a blazer’s shoulder seam should line up with your shoulders or that a skirt is too tight if it bunches and rises when you walk. As an Instagram influencer, I usually have my clothes tailored so I can always look my best.

Dress appropriately for the weather

Look at the weather forecast before you leave your house whenever possible. You’ll be more prepared if you do so. Avoid wearing white material that would take a long time to dry on a rainy day, and be sure to carry your umbrella. If possible, wear comfortable shoes that allow you to walk quickly or even run instead of heels.

Take advantage of accessorizing

Matching accessories with a neutral outfit is one of the easiest and most affordable ways I use in my personal style to spruce it up. Accessorizing can make all the difference, whether a scarf, hat, glasses, belt, or jewelry. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep it minimal, as one well-chosen piece is more impactful than several.

Prepare for the Fitting Room

Never go shopping when you’re unprepared for the fitting room. You should wait and go shopping another time if you’re too tired or in a hurry to try things on. It is essential to try items on, especially if you don’t want to return them later since fits and sizes vary between stores and designs. Dress appropriately for the item you’re shopping for to get the most out of the experience. It is always better to wear an evening gown with high heels and the appropriate lingerie than sneakers and a sports bra.

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns

Patterns are a great way to make your wardrobe more fun and interesting. For those of you who have stuck to basic block colors for the past decade, now is the perfect time to embrace checks, stripes, florals, gingham, and more. Don’t let patterns clash; instead, let them complement each other. You can choose one focal design and accent it with another. Alternatively, choose two patterns with complementary colors.

Match Your Colors to Your Skin Tone

What makes some colors work for you and others not? It depends on your skin tone. Fill your wardrobe with colors that flatter you the most, so every outfit you wear looks amazing. You should choose garments in cool colors like white, black, gray, silver, and blue if you have a cool complexion. On the other hand, if you have a warm undertone, you should choose shades of brown, yellow, gold, olive, and red.

Wear outfits that Reflection your personality

First impressions are everything, and they are formed in an instant. Make the right impression. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not; people will judge you, so make sure it’s the judgment you want!

You should consider where you are going. Is your outfit making the right impression on the people you will be interacting with? Then go ahead and enjoy the day. If not, change the piece that might look out of place.

Follow Fashion Trends Subtly

If you’re always wearing what is in fashion and follow fast fashion, you will have a hard time developing a lasting style. It is hard to avoid picking up trendy pieces here and there when you are shopping every season; instead, don’t let these items overwhelm your wardrobes. While you wear a fashionable color or style of women’s clothing, try to shop for items that look good on you. Regardless of trends, try to remain true to yourself!

Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

It’s not just about your clothes; it’s as much about your accessories, including your shoes. You should consider the occasion, the look you want to create, and whether you are comfortable. You can wear stilettos when you are going out to a party. But you might want to consider a pair of polished flats or wedges if you plan to dance all night long.

So if you want to be stylish, practice these nine habits in your everyday life, and you’ll be well on your way. I hope this guide helped you answer how to look stylish and dress nice every day!

I’m Monique, an Instagram influencer from the US. If you want to stay stylish every day, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my youtube channel to see my videos. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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