Euphoria Makeup

Euphoria Makeup

Whether or not you are a teen, you might have watched or at least heard about HBO’s popular teen drama Euphoria. If you are a fashion enthusiast like myself, I am sure you have watched the drama series with keen interest. Well, the series is not just about teen lives influenced by drugs, booze, and sex. A key highlight of the drama is the variety of vibrant makeup looks that its characters wear. These killer makeup styles keep viewers literally glued to the screen.

So, do you wear Euphoria-inspired makeup?

Regardless of the festive occasion, you can always use Euphoria makeup to inspire your own makeup styles.

Makeup with Plenty of Shimmer and Glitter

The TV show Euphoria will not continue forever, as already stated by Casey Bloys, the president of programming at HBO. So, even if the show runs only a few seasons, you will certainly get a lot of ideas to inspire your makeup for parties, festivals, carnivals, and many other occasions.

In a recent blog post, as an Instagram influencer, I argued why makeup is an art form. In fact, the kind of amazing makeup looks Euphoria has brought to people’s attention is artistic and brilliant. Whether it is Rue, Nate, or Jules, each of these characters has worn beautiful looks that immediately grab attention. The makeup is dramatic with lots of shimmers, neon eyeliner, and glitter in it.

All thanks to Daniella Davy, the makeup artist for the show, for making the show look so mesmerizing.

Euphoria Makeup

Popular Euphoria Makeup Styles

The TV show Euphoria has featured tons of dramatic makeup styles through its many characters. In fact, you must have seen how one single character sports so many beautiful looks in different scenes. Given below are some of the most killer makeup looks from the drama series.

Glitter Tears

Trailing glitter tears, actually. When Rue appeared on the screen with glitter tears, no one could take their eyes off. Very soon, the makeup style became a favorite of a lot of teens and women all over.

The idea of gold-glitter triangles below the eyes was artistic. It was vibrant, sparkling, and dramatic. Rue always wore this look to portray a sad clown or someone who found it difficult to be in control. While this particular look told a story of its own, makeup artists around the world took inspiration from it and gave birth to so many similar eye makeup styles out of these glitter tears. Just check out Youtube and you will come across thousands of tutorials on this.

Neon Eyeliner

Kat’s makeup style on the show tells a story of her evolution. Though she has worn different variations of makeup, the neon liner attracts the most attention in particular. The emboldened liner tells the viewers that she has matured and grown into a beautiful and sexually-empowered young lady. Multiple versions of the neon liner have been created by makeup artists. At festivals and carnivals, you must have seen faces painted with neon. But neon as eyeliner has truly caught the attention of women. If you have been doing the black cat-eye for a long time now, you can use a neon liner to give your eye makeup a vibrant look. There are several vivid shades that you can choose to apply this type of makeup style. Adding a pop of color to the eyes has become a fashion trend since Kat wore a neon liner on Euphoria to portray a transformed personality.


When Maddy appeared with rhinestone makeup, a lot of girls and young women wanted to copy that amazing eye look. Maddy has been popular for wearing looks such as cat eyes, vibrant lashes, and a good deal of rhinestones. Apart from Maddy, there are a couple of other characters that have also sported eyeshadow with rhinestones. In the market, you will be able to find various shades of rhinestone stickers. Based on the look you want to achieve, you can wear either single color rhinestones or go for a multidimensional effect. This type of makeup is a surefire way of adding a fantastical element to the personality and represents boldness and confidence.

Euphoria Makeup

Graphic Eyes

Jules’s simplistic makeup looks are a pleasure to watch and take inspiration from. In every episode, she appears with a new look, which is simple and minimalist and yet so powerful. Her style is adorable.

In Jules’ makeup style, you will notice a mix of sparkle, neon shades, and abstract shapes. For fashion lovers who wish to stay on top of the up-to-the-minute beauty trends, her character means a lot of motivation and ideas. One key feature of this type of makeup style is fluidity. The introduction of fluidity to makeup rules has given rise to a number of really cool styles.

Ready to Use a Bit of Glitter and Sparkle?

Doing Euphoria makeup is not as difficult as you might think. It is not something meant just for the most skilled beauty blogger or Instagram influencer. You too can get lots of ideas from the looks in every episode of the TV show and use it to lend vibrancy to your own style. All you need to remember is to pick the right shades and styles to match the type of personality you have or the type of personality you want to portray. Think of Euphoria makeup as an easy DIY art project.

For more sophisticated ideas and advice on the use of glitter and eyeshadow, you can consult with a Euphoria makeup artist.

Keep sparkling!

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