Different Types of Fashion Styles

Different Types of Fashion Styles

Do you have your own personal style? As a social media influencer, I strongly believe that having your own personal style enables you to express yourself in a powerful way and feel confident at the same time.

If you follow my fashion blog, you must be aware of how I keep a close watch on fashion trends and how fashion evolves over time. If you are able to find a fashion style that you can call your own, you will present yourself to the world in an attractive way while feeling comfortable and confident. But before you can pick your own personal style, you need to know about the different types of fashion styles that appear over and over again, regardless of the fashion trends.

What Are the Different Types of Fashion Styles?

If you are yet to find your perfect look, here are some of the fashion styles that you can learn and derive inspiration from:

Different Types of Fashion Styles bohemian style


This is a fashion style that has a strong link with hippie fashion. This style of fashion is embraced by a large number of fashion lovers across the globe. If you plan to create a bohemian wardrobe, you need to have clothing with neutral and earthy colors. Cotton, silk, and hemp fabric are all part of this style of clothing. Examples of bohemian clothing include bell-bottom pants, long skirts, large brimmed hats, etc. This fashion style is all about wearing natural fabric.

As an Instagram influencer, I advise you to also feel free to experiment a little with boho-style clothing to make a bold fashion statement.


Also referred to as athleisure style, the sporty look is getting a lot of popularity. One great thing about this type of fashion is that it makes you look attractive and feel comfortable at the same time.

Common sportswear clothing includes tank tops, yoga pants, jerseys, leggings, bike shorts, sweatshirts, etc. All these clothing articles are designed from breathable and stretchable fabric, hence the comfort. So, you can mix and match various elements of this style to look unique. Combine these clothing items with neutral makeup and you will be ready to attract eyeballs.


If you have seen the uniform of prep school students, you will understand what the preppy style of fashion means. However, this fashion is less about a uniform and more about letting out your individual self.

Apart from prep school students, you will see this style of clothing worn by country club attendants and golfers. Vibrant-colored pants, structured blazers, Oxford shoes, blazers, and cardigans are all preppy styles of clothing. Many people think that it is very expensive to adopt this style. But the truth is you can find and wear this type of fashionable clothing without spending a lot of money. We’ll talk about that in another dedicated post on my blog.

different fashion styles - artsy


If you plan to take the unconventional route and make a style statement, the artsy style of fashion should be ideal.

The artsy fashion style is about experimenting. You need to leave the traditional style behind and move ahead to try different types of clothing styles. This style gives you a great deal of freedom to do what you want. You don’t have to stick to any rules while trying to create an artsy look.


If you want to look trendy and yet feel comfortable, you should definitely try the streetwear style of fashion.

This is a casual style of fashion, which is getting much popularity all over again. Logo t-shirts, baggy pants, hoodies, and expensive sneakers are some of the clothing articles from this fashion style. As an Instagram influencer, I know that for a unique streetwear look, you will also need to find some limited-edition designer clothing.


The classic style of fashion is evergreen. This means you can wear this fashion in a number of seasons. This style has remained in vogue for years and still remains to be so. If you have an inclination towards a professional look, classic is the style you should wear. The range of acceptability for this style is vast. You can wear such clothing in professional settings and on other occasions.


Different fashion styles - Tomboy

If you plan to give a boyish twist to your feminine style, tomboy style is the perfect option for you to consider.

This style of fashion takes the least effort – and you will look uber cool. Don’t think that you need to spend a great deal of money to wear this look. Even if you are on a budget, you can adopt this specific style. For a menswear-inspired twist, you need to wear items such as denim, t-shirts, hats, etc.

Since there are multiple fashion styles, it does not necessarily mean you have to choose and apply a single style. “Experiment” is the word! To create your unique personal style, you should always be open to experimenting with mixing and matching. You can take one element from one fashion and another from a different fashion and combine them to make a style statement.

Feel free to reach out to me for tips on how to blend elements from different fashion styles to create a unique look. I am just the Instagram influencer you are looking for!

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