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Who Is the Social Media Influencer, Monique Meads?

Monique Meads is a Michigan-based Instagram influencer and stylist. Born and brought up in Ypsilanti, she had a penchant for all things fashion from her teenage years. She always wanted to pass on her deep passion and love for fashion by sharing her creative tips, ideas, and insider knowledge with others as a US social media influencer. Right after her graduation, Monique launched her Instagram and Youtube channel in 2013, to make her dream of knowledge sharing come true.
Through her fashion blog and lifestyle tips, Monique always aimed to reach out to a group of like-minded people who love fashion but lack the knowledge and confidence to dress for a social gathering or event.

While growing up during her teenage years, Monique felt outcasted. But the rejection and ostracization by society did not deter her from moving forward. She took this up as a challenge and went on to transform her looks and life using her amazing passion for fashion trends and her styling charisma as a US social media influencer.

US Instagram Influencer Monique Meads
US Instagram Influencer Monique Meads

Soon, she discovered that social media channels presented a perfect opportunity to be a US social media influencer and showcase her fashionable life while she was living it. In fact, this was an outlet to also help people who faced similar obstacles. Today, Monique is a popular Instagram influencer and lifestyle Youtuber who always follows famous brands such as (Gucci, CHANEL, FENDI…).

Her Youtube channel is packed with tons of makeup ideas, hairstyling tips, and how-to fashion videos. Her value-added content doesn’t just teach and help people, but it also motivates and inspires, and boosts the confidence of women who desire to transform their looks and lifestyle. Her loyal and thriving fanbase both on Youtube and Instagram is proof of her amazing passion for all things fashion trends and the deep knowledge that she has acquired through the years as a social media influencer.

Monique’s goal is to reach out to more and more fashion trends lovers every day and make people look and feel good about who they are and what they are. She wants to make this everyday normal for people.
Through her Youtube video tutorials and Instagram posts on fashion, travel, and lifestyle, Monique continues to challenge the previous benchmarks of beauty and set new standards for fashion trends lovers to follow. A confident voice in the domain of fashion and lifestyle, she is known for sharing insights into what fashion trends mean and how women can redefine them to achieve a new, eye-catching look. She is the right Instagram influencer to turn to when you want to dress well, look good and stand out – whether you are at a class, social function, party, or a big event.

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