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US Instagram Influencer Monique Meads

Follow my journey through fashion as a US Instagram influencer!

Styling is a great skill that takes several years to master. The good news is that you can expedite the learning process with the help of a teacher or guide, or in this case, a US  Instagram influencer! From the day you start to follow Monique, you will have that guide in your life to help you learn the tips and tricks of fashion trends and lifestyles. While you may come across many other teachers to help you learn, Monique has a teaching fashion style of her own. Being an Instagram influencer, she understands the evolving fashion needs of modern women. She knows how to break down a topic or concept and explain her styling thought process that blends with fashion trends in a way that is not just easy to grasp but also quite entertaining.

Think of Monique’s website as a digital fashion trend storehouse where you will find lots of fashion trends tips and get the chance to interact with a fashion-loving community that is so active and keeps growing by the day. Since Monique is a US Instagram influencer and lives and breathes fashion, you will also find content that has her glamorous life mixed in. She shops at popular stores such as Lulu’s, Macy’s and Topshop, and Forever 21. So, if you like these stores, Monique is certainly the stylist and fashion blogger to follow and learn from.

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